Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's the little things.

Have you ever thought about winning the lottery and how it could change your life?

A big life altering event is fun to think about. Graduating, getting the dream job, coming into money, a new addition to the family (child or furry or furry child?), a new this, a sparkly that or a good surprise.

It's easy for me to live in excitement of tomorrow, instead of today and the truth is, you can experience these type of thrills EVERYDAY.

A quick adjustment in attitude can unveil the little things that bring us joy and the discipline recognize them can keep them coming all day long.

Some of my "little things":

-Coffee break
-An empty public bathroom
-A warm fall day
-Accomplishing a task
-A conversation with a stranger
-A sucessful homemade meal
-A "thinking of you" text from a friend
-Being thanked, encouraged or recognized
-Crafty time
-Moments of inspiration and revelation
-A good laugh
-Time with friends

...just to name a few

I hope your day is filled with little things that keep you high on life and grounded in your blessings.

When you're thankful for each one, a satisfaction focuses your thoughts on what you have, not on what you don't.

Thank you Lord for what I have, seen and unseen,

What are some of your "little things"?

Meaghan Ellen

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